About Assured

Our team of senior security specialists provide world class IT/information security competence.

We began in 2015 with six founding senior security consultants in Gothenburg, Sweden. The idea was simple – let's build a boutique consultancy based around a shared passion for security.

Working as a team is key not only to running a successful business, but also to delivering at the highest level for our customers. Everyone at Assured has a skillset and a personality which enhances this shared vision, it is absolutely vital for the work we do.

We believe that security should be non-blocking and transparent and we apply these values not only in the work we deliver, but also in how we work internally. There are no closed doors or unreasonable questions – transparency is key.

While we often find ourselves in an advisory or teaching role, we believe that continuous learning and personal development within our chosen field is vital to staying relevant in the security field.

We put our money where our mouths are: investing in research projects, developing new strategies, methodologies and products. All these things help us stay ahead of the game.

We are always growing, and we'd love to grow with you, whether you are a prospective client or a potential new-hire, don't hesitate to contact us!

The Team

In our team of expert consultants you find a diverse and highly skilled set of people for all your technical IT security needs.


Working with Assured

Are you the person we are looking for?

You probably have a burning passion for technical IT Security and documented experience working with penetration tests, cryptography, infrastructure reviews, web security, embedded security, mobile security, forensics, or similar fields. If so – we would love to have you come work with us!

Assured blogs

Our research, current events and catching up on interesting security news.

Contact us

Our office is conveniently located in central Gothenburg. You are welcome to stop by for a coffee and say hello, or get in touch via phone or email!

Email us at info@assured.se