Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA)

TLA is our highly appreciated service where we gather intelligence about your environment passively to assess your perimeters' security posture.

Threat Landscape Assessments (TLAs) provide a very good look into your organization's security posture, attack surface and exposed assets without much work. Our experienced open-source intelligence (OSINT) and network scanning specialists conduct a fast-paced and effective scan of the internet after traces of your organization and write an extensive report on any issues or interesting artifacts found.

A Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA) is quick, effective and is a great initial test. Many of our clients also ask us to perform this assessment on a regular basis.


What is a Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA)?

A Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA) is a brief, non-intrusive security assessment of an organization's external assets and attack surface.

Why perform a Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA)?

To identify the organization's attacks surface and common vulnerabilities that an attacker could abuse to gain access to its resources.

How is a Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA) performed?

A TLA contains the following stages: domain and assets discovery, general information gathering (documents, employee emails, third-party services and vendors), passive and active service enumeration and finally vulnerability assessment of interesting services.

When to do a Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA)?

Organizations and IT-environments change frequently, it is not uncommon to perform a TLA as an initial test to get insight into what exactly you have online, based on the results a penetration test might be of interest or a configuration audit of certain systems. It could be performed periodically to monitor changes in the environment or executed when major changes have been implemented.

What is the result from a Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA) delivered by Assured?

The Assured customers will get a written report and a presentation detailing the issues and observations identified during the assessment as well as a list of recommendations with indication of priority. In almost every assessment assets are identified that needs further testing or auditing.

Contact us if you have questions about a Threat Landscape Assessment (TLA).