CAN Hack! A hands-on automotive security course

by Assured 2019-04-26

Starting on the spring of 2019 we are offering a new course on automotive security. The first date will be at Security Fest on May 22 2019 (link), but we're aiming to give it on demand in cooperation with Nohau for those that can't make it to the conference.

The course is aimed at anyone interested in the security of connected vehicles. It combines theoretical lectures with hands-on challenges against a physical, simulated car.

The course is designed to be delivered as a one-day workshop with theoretical and practical parts in an interactive fashion. The day is ended with a hands-on, CTF-style series of challenges and a race for the win!

Participants will be given a virtual machine with all the necessary tools and configuration needed to connect to the challenge platform, named "CyCar". This device simulates a vehicle infotainment and telematics system, often available in modern vehicles.

The CyCar platform

Our challenge platform "CyCar" consists of readily available components assembled into a small but realistic vehicle infotainment and telematics unit. An ECU controls vehicle characteristics such as speedometer, blinkers, locks and engine state. It is connected via the CAN bus to a single-board computer that runs a Linux OS with connectivity such as Bluetooth and WiFi as well as higher-level applications and services.

The CyCar platform hardware setup is open source for anyone interested in building their own. The firmware and software required for this course is restricted to purchasers of the course.

As mentioned previously, the course is available on demand via Nohau and at Security Fest on May 22, 2019. We hope to see you there!