Advent of Code 2023

by Alexander Alasjö 2023-12-01

Becoming a December tradition, Assured sponsors Advent of Code for the third time!

As security specialists in technical cybersecurity, scripting, developing and code review is part of our routine. We strive to learn new programming languages and freshen up on those we dabbled with before. At the same time, we do love puzzles and the fun that events such as Advent of Code provides.

This year, some of us are challenging themselves with ASM (assembly) and Rust. We don't expect to climb the leaderboards, not even to complete all challenges before December is through. We do plan on having fun and interesting times with the puzzles at hand. Hope you do, too!

You may have found us via the link in our sponsor message at Advent of Code sponsors, or maybe you just stumbled upon this blog post. If so, we encourage taking a spin and trying AoC out (and tell your friends to join)!

If you're an experienced programmer, you probably know the importance of writing secure code. We at Assured are specialized in application security, performing secure code reviews and penetration testing on all kinds of applications in all kinds of environments. Reach out if you need any help!

If you are passionate about technical information security, apply to come work with us. Read more on our careers page.

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