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Our consultants can assist you in all areas within the domain of technical IT-Security as well as supporting your company or organisation in an advisory capacity regarding questions related to IT-Security. To find out more about how we work and what we can help you with, please see the section below.


Ever since we started putting computers in vehicles and connecting them to outside systems consultants at Assured have been involved in securing those systems and networks. In cooperation with some of the largest manufacturers in the automotive industry worldwide we have worked with everything from securing in-vehicle communications to telematics and security testing of Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

We are involved in research projects to help push the field of automotive security forward, among them the HoliSec and HeavenS projects. We are actively involved in the development of tools used for testing automotive security, among them Caring Caribou.

The advent of IoT has brought a number of new security challenges to the forefront. We are continuously involved with performing security reviews of embedded devices and their communications. We also help our clients design and implement secure cryptographic solutions in constrained hardware.

We combine our expertise in cryptography, application security and embedded security to help our clients secure the entire IoT stack.

Assured has some of Swedens most experienced cryptographic expert consultants. We have experience of reviewing cryptographic protocols and implementations.

We are involved in the Cryptech project where we assist with designing the basic building blocks for an open-source Hardware Security Module. You can learn more about this project on the project website.

IT-Infrastructure as a concept has been rapidly evolving and expanding and now encompasses such disparate entities as high availability cloud services, critical infrastructure and SCADA systems, complex network architectures and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Our infrastructure experts have been involved in pushing the development of security within modern infrastructures for several years.

Our consultants have many years experience of assisting some of the largest companies worldwide in securing their web presence. We continuously assist companies with penetration tests and design reviews of web-facing applications which have high security demands such as financial institutes and Alexa Top 10 websites.


We regularly perform infrastructure and web penetration testing on networks and web applications with extremely high security demands such as SCADA-systems, financial institutes, VPN services and Alexa top 10 websites.

Our GPEN-certified consultants combine manual and automated testing with code reviews in order to achieve excellent coverage of your web application or infrastructure. We generally perform our testing in a white-box fashion in order to ensure a cost-effective relationship with our clients.

We regularly perform extensive code reviews of everything from web applications to cryptographic implementations. Our consultants can assist you in both manual and automated code review-processes in order to ensure that no security bugs slip through the cracks.

As infrastructure continues to become more complex and reliant on third parties such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Services it is important to understand all aspects of the security model required to maintain both reliable and secure networks.

Our consultants can assist you in navigating the security pitfalls that we face in designing, implementing and maintaining modern and secure infrastructures.

We regularly assist Fortune 500 companies in ensuring that their complex infrastructure meets tomorrows security demands.

Assured has several experienced forensic analysts who can assist you in determining the root cause of a security incident as well as assisting in mitigating strategies. We maintain an extremely high level of integrity and confidentiality regarding our forensic investigations.

Designing secure applications and networks is hard and it’s often very useful to have an experienced security expert help you out in this process. We regularly help our clients take their products from the design stage to production in a secure manner by assisting in threat modelling and risk analysis, protocol and application design reviews and implementation of security functions.

We have many years experience of acting in an advisory capacity for our clients. We can help you in creating and maintaining a security culture at your company as well as being your eyes and ears in the security community. In this role we regularly act as educators and security evangelists for our clients, helping them define and reach their security-related goals.

We offer security training to our clients in everything from web application security to cryptography and infrastructure security. We regularly hold workshops where our customers get hands-on experience with designing and implementing secure applications and networks.

We can also offer shorter inspirational talks tailored to your company and the security challenges you face.

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