We combine the expertise from nine senior security specialists to provide companies and organizations with world class IT- and information security competence.

Jesper Larsson

Infrastructure security specialist and vulnerability researcher with several year’s experience working for multinational clients spanning several fields.
The focus of my work is to ensure that complex architecture and solutions are scalable, reliable, reusable, secure, manageable and operational. He has been instrumental in implementing secure infrastructure solutions worldwide and is often asked to assist on forensic investigations.

My focus areas are: Network and Security infrastructure, ICS/SCADA, IDS/IPS, Infrastructure Penetration testing, Network Assessments, Configuration Assessments.

Joachim Strömbergson

Security specialist focused on digital systems, cryptography and network protocols. Joachim has been providing guidance, knowledge, review, design and implementations of security systems for enterprise, embedded systems and hardware. Joachim is the author of cryptographic implementations for ASICs and FPGAs.

Johan Rydberg Möller

I’m an application security professional, focused mainly on web applications. Among other things, I do:

Web Application Penetration Testing, Secure Code Reviews of Web Applications, Threat Models, Low level Reverse Engineering, Secure Application Development, Teaching Secure Application Development, Project Management, Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Jonas Magazinius

Jonas Magazinius is a security researcher who spans both security in theory and in practice. He holds a PhD in Computer Science with focus on web application security. In parallel with his research, Jonas works as an independent security consultant. In close collaboration with the German penetration testing company Cure53, he has had the opportunity to work in projects ranging from web application security to analysing cryptographic libraries.

Mattias Jidhage

General security specialist who tampers with anything from reverse engineering to information security audits. Has a special place in my heart for anything automotive. Speaker, trainer, workshop leader and project manager – as long as the subject is security.

Peter Magnusson

Peter is an Application Security specialist.

Security Experience include – Implementing software security assurance programs such as OpenSAMM and SDL. Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Code review. Training & Lectures. Delegated authentication & authorization with Oauth 2.0 and Kerberos. Reverse Engineering & Piracy counter meassures.

Strong Software Development skills with a primary focus on Java/EJB/Spring. Experience from working with customers from many different business areas; including ERP, Finance, Telematics, diagnostics.

Benjamin Svensson

Benjamin has worked professionally with security since 2014, but his interest in the topic goes way back. Network security is his
foremost area of expertise, where he can take roles either as architect or penetration tester.

He also has in-depth knowledge on numerous enterprise network security products.

Alexander Alasjö

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