Assured is extremely proud of its team of web penetration testers. Why? Well, we deliver quality tests!

Within the security community, we all dread the fact that many companies simply run a tool and takes its automated findings for truth. Such malpractice is wasting non-security staffs time with garbage output, and also is completely unable to provide any feedback on what could not be properly tested.

A great penetration tester needs to be able to combine automation with manual verification and manual search for what the automation does not find. The end game is to provide a customer with a great security assessment and also be able to give feedback on how well / extensively the application is tested.

We provide great penetration tests this with our three application security experts: Johan Rydberg Möller, who from early on has focused most of his time on getting great at web penetration tests. Jonas Magazinius, who hold a PhD in Computer Science with focus on web application security, and close collaboration Peter Magnusson, who has been working with secure software development & testing since 2003.