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Training courses and Seminars


Gone Phishing - Seminar (1-2 hours)

Using common techniques such as XSS, mail spoofing and browser exploits, we will show you how an attacker goes from initial reconnaissance to gaining a persistent foothold on your internal network. Full description (PDF).


Advanced Application Security - Course (2 days)


We will give attendees a comprehensive understanding of security in modern web applications with thick clients, HTML5 and other technologies. This course covers topics such as:  Traditional web application security vs security in thick clients,  understanding and exploiting advanced vulnerabilities and much more. The course ends with a full-fledged CTF-style competition between course attendees. Full description (PDF)


Security for QA Testers - Course (1 day)

How can we introduce basic security testing into our existing QA flow? This course gives attendees hands on experience in working with basic security testing methodology, tools and implementation. It will also give attendees a basic understanding of the types of attacks and vulnerabilities we commonly face in modern web applications. Full description (PDF)